Lidar Viewer


Point cloud viewer with surface reconstruction for LIDAR data using OpenGL.


This project is a object oriented wrapper for OpenGL. It offers utility functions for shaders, memory and window management.


This project is ment is a demo project to show and test functions of OGLW.


This project uses OpenGL to render point clouds, i.e. the recordings of LIDAR. It creates a 3D world in which the user can navigate using mouse and keyboard. If the project is built against the PointCloudLibrary one can also use surface reconstruction to obtain surfaces based on the recorded point cloud.

How to build

  1. Open the Visual Studio 2017 solution
  2. Restore the nuget packages
    • glfw
    • glm
    • boost [Only required if pcl is not used]
  3. Install and setup vcpkg
  4. [Optional] Install pcl (PointCloudLibrary) via vcpkg
  5. Build OGLW
  6. [Optional] Set precompiler directive USE_PCL to enable pcl support
  7. Build LIDARViewer